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  • Are you a registered American voter? It’s a competition of ideas at the grassroots level, and even then the ideas are “save everyone” vs. “kill everyone”, it’s not much competition. By the time there are nuances, you’ve already won some kind of office. I don’t know what competition of ideas you’re talking about except in the most general way possible.

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    Who else am I gonna blame for 2016? Where did I blame [not-dems]?

    I’ll “punch” whoever gets trump elected. Is that the idiot “left” who bring the combined wisdom of every twenty year old and the natural genius inherent in it?

    Sure. Listen to nothing. Demand the improbable, vote the impossible, and sentence a lot of people who don’t know as much as you do to a horrifying several more years. After that, you can start kicking and crying again when the largest progressive party picks someone you don’t find appealing again. Assuming any relevant structures remain.

    If you actually get involved in a progressive political party you think is national, let us know. Democrats are open to change, and they’re the only ones. Or - y’know, go full sovereign citizen and renounce the concept of countries. Also as effective. Please stay out of prison.