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    Previously, Meta’s version of this technology—using the same data—was only available in messaging and social networking apps such as Instagram.

    Images include a small “Imagined with AI” watermark logo in the lower left-hand corner.

    We put Meta’s new AI image generator through a battery of low-stakes informal tests using our “Barbarian with a CRT” and “Cat with a beer” image synthesis protocol and found aesthetically novel results, as you can see above.

    (As an aside, when generating images of people with Emu, we noticed many looked like typical Instagram fashion posts.)

    The generator appears to filter out most violence, curse words, sexual topics, and the names of celebrities and historical figures (no Abraham Lincoln, sadly), but it allows commercial characters like Elmo (yes, even “with a knife”) and Mickey Mouse (though not with a machine gun).

    It doesn’t seem to do text rendering well at all, and it handles different media outputs like watercolors, embroidery, and pen-and-ink with mixed results.

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