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  • Worst is when the disappointing stuff are things you don’t think of until you use it. Like my convection toaster oven is the best oven I’ve ever had but I hate it because the UI is awful. It’s all preset based with presets I never use when there’s only like 4 options to adjust, so I need to figure out which preset is closest to what I want then adjust it from there because none of the presets are good for anything without adjust them.

    It makes buying things a bit of an ordeal, but on the other hand, I can’t say I really dislike usually deciding to not buy something until I can do more research on it.

    It also means that getting me a gift that would be something I’d really care about is going to be very difficult if you want it to be a surprise. I am picky as hell and hate badly designed shit, which includes most things. So I’ll appreciate the thought and effort of a gift but can also resent that either this thing that I didn’t choose is now a part of my life or I’ll have to feel bad and ungrateful for getting a better version that won’t annoy me each time I use it.

  • And then at some point, games started saving inside documents. Ok, it makes sense to have game save files in a user area instead of a subfolder in the game install area, but they aren’t documents. Just make a new game saves folder or something like that, don’t just stick all my game save files in the same area, cluttering up my own organization.

    Though I did solve it kinda by just making a new documents subfolder in my documents where I put my actual documents.

  • But he gave him the satisfaction of looking like an idiot to people all around the world, which I’m guessing is a lot more satisfying that shaking his daughter’s hand would have been.

    And I gotta wonder wtf goes on in his head to even worry about someone getting “satisfaction” from shaking hands at a ceremony. I’m pretty sure that, if there is any satisfaction involved, it’s supposed to be on the student’s side where the diploma and handshake are an acknowledgment of the work they did to receive whatever award or certificate the ceremony is about.

    And it should have been entirely up to his daughter whether or not she wanted to receive that handshake.

  • Rose could have been fine if they didn’t write her character as basically a cop during the introduction, a Mary Sue that figures out the weakness of tech where the start of the conversation was “that tech is impossible” (plus the weakness itself is completely out of left field), spend half of their field trip whining instead of doing their kinda urgent mission, and then the biggest thing she does is prevents a sacrifice that might have actually redeemed the movie somewhat, in a way that would have been physically impossible, given the scene leading up to it (ordered to retreat, she obeys, Finn ignores it and speeds at top speed towards the thing they were retreating from, then she somehow intercepts him from the side and both walk away).

    The people that harassed the actor that played her are massive pieces of shit and this by no means justifies their response, but Rose seems like a character designed to draw hate.

  • I hope stealth gets a major rework, at least. Or maybe not stealth itself but how the AI handles interacting with it. No NPC should ever guess that it was just the wind when there’s an arrow sticking out of them or their colleague is lying dead in plain view (or even just doesn’t respond when they call to them).

    They should use strategies and tactics that work against stealth. Patrols (including their own stealth patrols sometimes), roll calls, better lighting, positioning of guards to cut off entrance points, traps (and not just the dungeon traps, but NPCs setting new traps when they suspect stealth, where the trap could be as simple as a trip wire attached to metal rings that will jingle if someone disturbs them), spells that locate nearby people, using senses other than sight and hearing, dark vision. Sometimes stealth missions should be forced to end and come back later because the residents realize someone is trying to sneak around and kill or rob them and go on high alert with effective tools to negate stealth. Just sometimes, sometimes it should work like it does in Skyrim where a guard just doesn’t want to deal with whatever is shooting arrows at him and maybe just yells threats instead of using a stealth counter (just get rid of that memory of a goldfish thing).

    I mean, stealth is fun, but it’s not as fun when every single character I make ends up becoming some kind of a stealth archer because the NPCs are effective at generating opposition to everything but that.

  • And if they didn’t develop the culture of sweeping safety issues under the rug at all levels, they won’t have much trouble keeping ahead because I’m sure that even at the height of Boeing’s safety ignoring, I bet most of the communication still looked like they took safety seriously. Just those in the know realized that they could make themselves look better by faking it and their management wouldn’t care. I’ve gotta assume that some number of them will think the current safety culture overhaul is really trying to send a message of “just be smarter about ignoring safety, don’t let it get to the point where doors fall off mid-flight and we need to kill some whistleblowers”.

  • I think it’s simpler than that. If you need to pretend to be a different person so others will accept you, then you’ll spend your life pretending to be something you’re not. If you just be yourself, then anyone who accepts you is accepting the real you rather than a false front you put on.

    Note that there’s a difference between pretending to be what you’re not vs changing yourself into something different.