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  • They are for Helldivers 2 yes. Which is on top of the terrible DRM that they’re using for PC but I’m not sure of that as I’m a console peasant.

    It’s a great game and I’ve been having a blast playing it on PS5 but it’s a sick move by Sony and I think Arrowhead Games could maybe have done more to let the PC people know beforehand.

    Apparently there’s lots of people that can’t make a PSN account because of their location for example. There’s no (legal) way they can play the game as if next month.

  • Both human and non-human animals of course I assume? The current ones obviously. Life in general will probably be fine, it’s just the specific types of life currently inhabiting earth that are going to have a bit of trouble.

    Good news for whatever gets the chance to climb to the top of the heap once mammals are gone. My money’s fungi but that’s mostly because I like Orks.