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  • It’s not an MLM or pyramid scheme; it is regular sales employment. You’re not getting other people to sell them for you nor are you encouraged to find others looking to join the sales team. It just sucks dick because the pay is shit (and they go through hoops to pay you less or nothing; which is where the scam part comes in), they treat you like shit, and you have to basically sell them door-to-door.

    It’s stupid because the knives are great products; I still have my sample set because they actually rock. They just only sell them like Tupperware clubs and only market them via word of mouth. They’d be making bank if they just sold them to retailers instead of fucking with young people looking for their first job.

  • When I was a kid, I would get in trouble getting those Columbia House offers where they advertise like 12 CDs for one cent; but then charge a subscription fee every month. So I’m not 100% sure what my first one was, because I got 12 of 'em at once.

    I know that’s how I discovered Silverchair though. I just picked out their album Frogstomp because I liked the picture of the frog. 🤣

    I still like every track on that album. Especially given the shit today where Suicidal Dream is basically my anthem…

  • Can’t necessarily make it dumb, but you can change how the smart works without buying a whole new TV by getting something like a Roku stick or any other device similar that runs on android that you can then hack/modify to run side loaded apps and such to get around the bullshit built into the TV.

    Of course if you’re already planning on getting a new TV you could just get one that runs on Android already and do the same thing. Basically if it runs on Android, there are tons of tools to make it not suck all over GitHub.