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  • I’ve not properly looked at this season yet, but I’ve started Suicide Squad Isekai and NieR Automata. SSI is kinda meh so far (seen 3 eps). Harley is really fun, but the rest is meh. Despite the anime look, it doesn’t feel like it at all. Also, way too many references to other works of WB. NieR was a great start. Very interesting and despite having played the game, I find myself wondering where it’s gonna go.

    I do want to watch Senpai wa Otokonoko and the new Monogatari. I liked the webcomic for the former a lot and am curious how they’re gonna handle it in the anime. The latter I will need to rewatch the entire Monogatari series first, so it might not be this season that I’ll pick up it

  • I don’t fully agree with this. I’d just follow the broadcast order (though Kizu is a weird one). Considering Hitagi End, I think having Hanamonogatari after that makes more sense, like it was broadcasted. Same with Koyomimonogatari. The end of that ties directly into Owarimonogatari S2, so I would put that between OMG S1 and 2, as broadcasted.

    I know the anime doesn’t follow the order of the books, but the anime didn’t change it up for sake of it, so it has always seemed strange to me to change that order.

  • Interesting. I’ll have to look at it again then. I figured that since AniDB also has UBW split between season 1 and 2 (listed as 2014 and 2015) that I had to list them separately too. This does work by the way, but it’s just really cluttered. Which metadata provider should I primarily use then if not AniDB or Anilist?

    Hopefully it works for my other anime too

  • I’m naming it that way, because otherwise Jellyfin can’t handle it properly for me. Season 2 will not show up with the proper metadata if I put all of it in the same folder. My guess is that because 2014 (season 1)and 2015 (season 2) are two separate entries in both Anilist and AniDB and not grouped together under UBW, that it wants it that way in Jellyfin too.

  • Jellyfin is going to want:

    This is the main problem I have right now. The example I gave in the post for example. I currently have to list them as entirely separate entries, both with season 01. Not one entry with season 01 or season 02, because that’s not how it is in AniDB or Anilist. As I said in another comment, I may checkout Sonarr if Shoko doesn´t work out.