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  • My 2 cents is that at the low levels, players need a bit of a buffer. A Lvl1 wizard with +0 CON can be one-shot by a goblin rolling a crit, to say nothing of the bugbear boss of the first encounter in Lost Mines of Phandelver (many people’s first introduction to DnD 5e)

    So minor selective fudging to keep the characters alive long enough for them to at least be wealthy enough to afford a Revivify seems like a small and harmless enough concession to me

  • I think making the Colossus tech not require the ascension perk would make warfare much easier for non-genocidal species. As it is, all the perk does is let you build a single ship with no combat capabilities that can trivialise planetary warfare, but only one planet at a time.

    I think it should have an influence cost (discounted for militarists and maybe xenophobes) to build every time, while the ascension perk would allow you to have more at a time (maybe up to half your titan allowance), while also increasing your Juggernaut allowance.

  • As AMD, Intel, Tenstorrent, and other companies develop better hardware, more software developers will be inclined to design for these platforms, and Nvidia’s CUDA dominance could ease over time.

    This seems a bit optimistic to me. CUDA is currently the de facto method of utilising a GPU’s power efficiently. This makes them an easy choice for anyone with serious compute power needs. The other manufacturers are fighting an uphill battle trying to create an alternative that won’t be used until it is definitively better.

    This just seems like a catch 22 to me

  • Every magic item (even the more “common” ones) is valuable and treasured, even if it might not be used often

    A +1 sword can split the hide of the toughest monsters and beasts, and is the heirloom of a powerful marquis

    Three healing potions on the raised dias of the church, awaiting the arrival of the prophesied heroes, who will need them to vanquish the vampire

    Or the duke with more money than sense, who has a small trove of magical items like the Stone of Gravity sensing or the Ring of Purple death detection. The twist is that in some forgotten corner of his room is a dagger that glows in the presence of demons (including the ones disguised as humans to overthrow the kingdom)

    1. Use the maximum HP possible from the dice instead of the average given (eg. 6d12 = 72 instead of 39), or at least a higher portion of the maximum quantity

    2. Increase AC

    3. Give it extra damage of a different type

    4. Give non-lair monsters lair actions, and give monsters with lair actions an even stronger lair action they can use when below half-health. Same with legendary actions

    5. Look at older DnD editions and see if the monster or any similar monsters have extra abilities you can add

    Edit: I should have specified that these are in ascending levels of difficulty for the DM, but are also more interesting