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  • I have never denied something that happened in the series. You openly quoted me using parts of the series and then twisted that out of context. I was saying that Janeway did not have the capability in her timeline to travel into the future. Something that we’ve seen. She was unable to do so unless someone stepped in and did it for her or gave her the ability to do so. At no point did she travel to the future or the past under her own power. She did not have that capability. That is what I was saying and that is what you were ignoring.

    You were not accurately accounting for anything. You were lying and taking things out of context to support a false narrative. It isn’t a hill. It’s nothing. Your entire thread here is based off of a false assumption that you created due to either malice or your own misunderstanding.

    So let me clarify one last time. Janeway would have been incapable of cloning Tuvix in her current situation unless someone else travelled back in time to help her. She on her own was unable to do anything. This is proven by the fact that the episode shows that.

    It isn’t fact to take things out of context and to support your own false narrative. That is Trumpian and has no place here. Goodbye.

  • They’ve certainly not made any effort to make it integrate with the rest of Trek.


    It takes place between ENT and TOS and then in the far future. In every case they’ve done everything they can to have it fit with the timeline. They brought back Pike and Number One, actually giving her a name after 50 odd years. Then in the future they elaborate on the Romulan/Vulcan relationship and Spocks impact on the Unification he was seeking for in previous Treks. They honor every single actor and character they can by naming ships after passed actors or after characters. They build on to that lore. So yes. They do make an enormous effort to integrate it with the rest of Trek.

    You can not like it, that’s fine, but saying that they’ve not made any effort is an outright lie.