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  • Then that’s misleading to the customer. When you buy something online and have paid for it, it should be collected and delivered.

    When you need to pay a tip to get the omployers/contracters of the company to do business with to do their job, there is something terribly wrong with the situation. Tips should be for complementing employers with their good/excelent serice, not to ensure they have something to eat while the company earns enough and underpays their staff.

    That’s how an open market should work, companies paying their straff living wages and charging what a product/service costs to be viable. When the product/service is good enough, the customers will come, when it isn’t, they go out of business, freeing employers for work that is values correctly. The US market of underpaying employers and required tips from customers looks more like modern slavery/forced labour.

  • I was messing about in a fighter simulator (previous milenium) and the game told me I did an insane move. It sticked, so I called myself TheInsane. In an online game, that nick was already in use, so I got the suggestion to take TheInsane1… nah, there is only 1 answer to everything, so I added that. It stuck since then. I got me the matching domain in '22.

    I’m using KoffieNu as well, as it matched my domain koffie.nu (proud owner since '98), mainly on mastodon, git and some dutch lemmy instances.

  • Relying on a basic understanding how things/situations work.

    At a new school, I really messed up a math test. I was studying like crazy, learned all formulas that I would need and managed to apply them all in each question on the test, combining all off them each question. Lowest score possible (1 out of 10), as I really messed up. Next test I didn’t study, I jusy flipped trough the book, checked 1 situation I didn’t understood and made the test. On handing out the teacher asked what I did different then the previous test. I told him I didn’t study, I just checked if it was logically to me and decided I understood as much as I could. He told me to do just that on all tests and I’d have no problems with education and gave me the result, a perfect score. (10 out of 10)

    That was 34y ago and still I want to understand things and see the logic behind it. Works perfectly on almost everything. (Humans behavious still mostly eludes me though, totally illogical 🤨)