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  • I’m pretty old and I’ve “completed” my transition, and I’m always happy to share my experiences or knowledge if people are interested.

    Twinsies :)

    But as GarfGirl has mentioned, if you’ve got a matrix account, I co-admin a matrix space that might be of interest. It’s not as convenient as discord, but, it’s decentralised and federated, and not hosted by a corporation driven by profit above everything else. So if that stuff is important to you, you’re welcome to give it a try

  • I scored the highest tertiary entrance rank in my school without studying a day in my life and had my pick of any university course or career. I went to university, and excelled at exams, but because I had undiagnosed ADHD and had never learned time management, I couldn’t cope with assignments that couldn’t be thrown together at the last minute in my lunch break. I was academically excluded.

    So there was that. Basically, my life has continued to look like some variation of that experience since then :P

  • My birthname was a combination of my mum and my dads name. It was unique, but still read masculine. So I tried to combine my parents names in a way that read feminine, but couldn’t find a way of doing it.

    So, I had a backup name, Danica. But it didn’t fit me when I tried it on

    So, I tried a second backup name, Cadance. It didn’t fit either.

    So I gave up, and turned to a list of names online that I found. I didn’t get very far though. I stumbled across Ada in that list, and I knew that was me.

  • I’d rather submit my records to a sports oversight board than be excluded from competing.

    You say “trans people shouldn’t have to disclose their medical history to stay employed”, but you’re seemingly happy to speak for trans folk and just accept that they should be unemployed.

    The real irony being that anyone in elite sports, trans or not, already has to submit to the lab work you’re uncomfortable with, as a condition of their employment.

    The scenario you’re trying to avoid? That’s why the lab work already happens, because many cis athletes take performance enhancing drugs to gain advantage, because they’re incentivised to in a capitalist society.

    But somehow, that lab work is only an issue that you feel the need to speak up on when it’s for trans folk?

  • Yep! Exactly (though I did most of my image editing in Lightroom)

    Also, when you are playing around with darktable, it’s worth spending the time learning how to use parametric and drawn masks. If you ever use masks in your editing, mastering those in darktable will be the missing piece that makes it all come together for you. It’s very different to masking in Photoshop or Lightroom, but IMO, more flexible and more powerful. But you need to really play with it to understand how to use it best.