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    EDIT: changed my vote to stay, people here are right, banning the admins and then staying federated is a phenomenal bit.

    lmao fuck em. Anyways, for anyone who wants context on the dm harassment stuff, here is our lovely convo.

    The last post came in right before they were banned. I don’t know if any response would go through, and frankly I don’t care to continue the conversations.

    Also, the operandi thing was very much to tilt them. Anyone who has seen me type here knows I physically cannot type “you”, it only comes out as “oyu”.

    Further also, they edited their second comment:

    The link is to here. No idea what doomtown is, but the card art is neat. The pfp still looks like linkara trying to trike a pose. Anyone who wishes to continue mocking that pfp, go here.

    I’ve had runins with unruffled (critical levels of ruffled) before. I find them both distasteful. There are a handful of db0 users I like. They are welcome to migrate here, or to any of the instances still federated with us. The rest of them, mao-wave