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  • You are not screwed out of anything yet. You are as lovely as any other life on our planet and you deserve to be happy. You seem to be aware of what’s wrong with your situation and you seem to be young, which is lovely because you still have a lot to look forward to. Work for your happiness and work to take a step toward the kind of life you want. Be patient and decisive until you can achieve it, and look out for yourself. Nothing is impossible and you are awesome. Start surrounding yourself with the kind of people who can love you for who you truly are.

  • Create a folder. Inside it create different folders for different chapters/sections. Inside each chapter/section folder have a notes document, a markdown version document and possibly one in HTML. Also one doc in the main folder where all documents are stitched together in order. This way you can enhance and focus on each part of your work separately, view it in whole when you want to