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  • I don’t know if Civil War is meant to have a clear real-world corollary for the conflict. In the movie Texas and California are aligned against the president and Florida and most of the NW states (including Idaho and Ohio) are breakaway factions that seem aligned against the federal forces as well (the implication that Idaho and Ohio are in the communist state alliance is pretty fucking laughable)

    i almost didn’t watch the movie because all the reviews i read were stuck on this one point but …

    … i’m pretty sure the producers intentionally avoided real-life groups to keep the movie focused on the topic of journalism and to avoid it being used in exactly this type of political fearmongering.

    it was clear to me that this was true during the paramilitary soldier hostage scene; that was the closest the film ever got to contemporary political alignment and even then it was vague enough not to point fingers.

    i’m so glad the movie i intended to see was sold out and i ended up watching civil war instead because it’s one of those movies that sticks with you and i’ve haven’t felt that way about a movie in a long time.

    kirsten dunst was the reason why i went with this movie over the other options i had at that moment and i suspected that the movie would be at least decent from the start since i’ve liked every movie she’s ever been in; i would have seen this movie on opening day were it not for all the reviews i mentioned earlier.

  • american cultural social norms looks down upon talking about politics in public; which creates an entire country of people who lack practice in engaging in meaningful political discourse.

    you combine that with american oligarchs using their influence to steer national discourse away from topics that threaten their interests while simultaneously manufacturing consent and you’re left with recipe for red and blue magas.

  • His cabinet has a progressive lean

    is there any evidence of this? i hope it’s true, but given that they can’t seem change his mind on genocide; nor affordable green energy products; nor reducing oil production makes me wonder if it matters.

    where they also there when biden voted against gay marriage or supported bans on lgbtq in federal service or spearheaded inescapable student loan debt or supported segregationists?

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    when i was very young, men would wear booty shorts and belly shirts like some women do now; publicly shirtless men was also more common; and, as an adult, i wish i could have appreciated it more than i did at the time.

    i hate that prudery has become so en vogue these days with the young.

  • How else can workers fight discrimination like this without going to the lengths that this man did?

    and these lengths aren’t enough; i’ve been doing the same thing that this guy has done for nearly 20 years now and i’ve spoken with 3 lawyers who advertised working on contingent and the common thread is that one instance is not sufficient enough proof in court; you would have to submit at least dozens to hundred over a period of years to prove anything.

    the best anyone can do is compile a list of companies to avoid or not spent much bother when it comes to applying and, given my experience, i hope that this guy isn’t paying for it upfront like the lawyers i’ve spoken with wanted from me.

  • i did IT for a long time and the ability to program becomes a necessary evil once you reach a certain point. that coupled with the covid shortages led me to becoming a software developer.

    it looks like the employment landscape is undergoing a dramatic shift again. i’m being forced to find a new job thanks to biden and developer jobs in my area dramatically fewer and insanely fiercely competitive; nothing at all like it was like during covid.

  • … the lesson here is that voters are unlikely to be deceived by the sort of political rhetoric that emphasizes diversity, multiculturalism, and environmental concerns while policies are being pursued in favor of a brutal neoliberal economic setting. Social rights under neoliberalism is a mirage. This is a critical lesson for all left forces in an age in which multiculturalism and the politics of identity play such a prominent ideological role.

    i wish i could say the same american voters when even lemmy.world refuses to accept that democracts, biden in particular, was thoroughly anti-lgbt, pro-segregation, anti-feminist, pro-inescapeable-student-loans until he needed the votes and are blocking EV’s from becoming the dominant type of car in the world while ramping up oil production at the same time.