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  • What are people on about with how “dangerous” the world is. I talked to this clearly well off person from nyc the other day and they were convinced that myc was incredibly dangerous. Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t crime at a historic low in nyc? How are people this actually dellusional. The amount of the suburban moms that post stuff about child trafficing that have 0 evidence or factual basis for what they claim are signs of trafficing are incredible. It seems that 3/4 times someone mentions sex trafficing they have 0 idea how it actually works, even though there are well known facts about what trafficing is and how it usually works.

    Edit: I went and looked at her tiktok and wow uh. What world does she live in? Some of the most conspiracy brained, suburbanite castle-house, assuming people are targetting you shit i’ve ever seen. Why live like this? This is such an unanalyzed position - how does she rectify the fact that the vast majority of people have never had to deal with anything like this, and grow up just fine? She doesn’t, instead you reject opinions outside your own and decide that the world just works like this. If we are charitable, then we can consider that she probably considers her kids as high value targets (white) and that that’s why she’s extra careful.