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  • Wait. It’s out already?!

    edit: It’s 30 minutes long. It starts with a live action shot of an egg cracking. That’s how you know it’s good.

    It retains a lot of what I love about the Monogatari series. Lengthy dialogue paired with its unique visual style that sets it apart from a lot of anime. It still has that really harsh and bloomy lighting style that creates weird geometry from shadows, the space around the characters are surreal, the style of animation interchanges, and the cuts are quick.

    I think the music is a bit different from what we usually had though but a lot of sound effects (like when the characters talk sometimes) are still there.

    Nadeko really changed a lot. This shot explains it:

    She’s my second favorite character in the series so I’m happy we’re getting more of her especially since she’s the character who had some dramatic changes.

    The voice actors are great! We just saw Hayami Saori’s performance in Giji Harem and her emotionless monotone voice as Ononoki sets the role apart. Everyone sounds just as they did over a decade ago (especially Hanazawa Kana whose voice is unforgettable!).

    We didn’t get an opening theme yet but we do have the ED theme with Yoasobi’s performance and Hajime Ueda’s illustrations of the characters.

    I’ve never read the novels, so I couldn’t tell whether the adaption is faithful or not.

    A pleasant Sunday morning!

    Here’s a compilation of some of my favorite shots (in a spoiler tag so it doesn’t take up the entire page):


    Nadeko’s room is different than it was before. Now she has large shelves of manga and her bed blocks the entrance door.

    This one was really well done! It shows the passage of time in an animated comic book frame.

    I remember this setting when Hitagi pushes Koyomi over and uses the Eye of Horus to count the number of girls Koyomi hung out with that day (including Kanbaru’s Grandmother). There are also other memorable locations like the park.

    Platinum Disco dance:

    I love this heat map image. Ononoki is a doll so it would make sense that she’s “cold”.

    … and many many more.


  • I just finished the manga the other day so it’s still fresh in my mind. I wasn’t expecting Hayami Saori as Nanakura but it was a pleasant surprise. She’s played a really wide range of characters so it’s fun to see her in a role that does… exactly that.

    Okay, for the actual Giji Harem: CUTE! They’re both just teasing each other throughout the episode. It’s really playful and funny at times. Not much else to say yet since we’re only establishing the characters.

    Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes!

  • Slay the Spire: surprisingly addicting for a simple card game. I played other online card games in the past and its the first I enjoyed deck building. I got fed up though because I lost to the third boss in my Watcher run. I’m doing an Ironclad run again because he’s my favorite.

    Oxygen Not Included: I put almost 30 hours in my first two days. I like Rimworld more for the combat but it’s still pretty fun.

    I’m thinking of buying Civilization V on Steam. I’m fed up with League of Legends, I need something else to play especially for the summer.

  • This Lemmy instance is much harder to maintain due to the fact that I can’t tell what images get uploaded here, which means anyone can use this as a free image host for illegal shit, and the fact that there’s no user list that I can easily see. Moderation tools are nonexistent on here.

    0.19.4 provides a way to see uploaded images (although not the best) but this version was only recently released so I can see where the frustration is coming from especially since the CSAM attacks happened nearly a year ago. At the time, I had to make a copy of pictrs, view everything on a file manager, and manually remove those images. People can still upload images without anyone seeing it however.

    It also eats up storage like crazy due to the fact that it rapidly caches images from scraped URLs and the few remaining instances that we still federate with.

    This was fixed in 0.19.3 (released 7 months ago) where you can disable image “caching”. This has solved storage costs for us together with pictrs’ image processing.

    plug in an expensive AI image checker to scan for illegal imagery

    It’s unfortunate that we need this. Not everybody has the resources to run fedisafety nor does everyone live in USA where they can use Cloudflare’s CSAM scanner. I think a good way to deal with the issue is to have images that are not public, not be stored (or have no private images at all). This way images can be easily reported.

    Overall, I understand the frustration and to some degree I also feel the same but I also limit my expectations considering the nature of the project.