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not called Brad but rather a lad, from Bradford in the UK.

Enjoys breaking apps, escooters, spam rings and sometimes bones, but not my own. That sucks.

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  • Yeah, we’ve got something I recall being called the P-laws or something brought in, meaning all new sockets need to be a certain height above floor level.

    I’ve seen many rented houses here that still have them on the floor since older builds ain’t required to rectify them. Scary if you see all the recent flooding we’ve been having in some parts of the country :/

    But those three pin / fused BS 1363 whilst been one of the safest sockets you can get, I can confirm they’re an absolute bastard if you stand on one.

  • Personally, I never learned how to use a razor


    Alright. Ima be ur daddy and tell you have to shave in 3 minutes flat.

    • Acquire some BIC single blade razors

    • Head to shower, put it on steaming hot and apply steaming hot water to face. Getting a hot towel after getting out of the shower and leaving it on your face for a while makes a tough shave even moar comfortable.

    • Lather shaving foam all over face

    • Run BIC razor under cold running water and shave until your face is like a baby’s bum

    • Rinse thoroughly with cold water to remove all lather