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  • It’s weird that this has to be explained to Americans - this is how much of Big Tech got to where they are, except they call it “disruption”.

    BTW this shows perfectly that free markets are not a be-all-end-all thing. It’s a tool, and if it produces outcomes that you don’t like, you can adjust it for better outcomes. The hypocrisy here is not that they pretend to worship the market then cry foul when China enters it on their terms, but that they do adjust it for their benefit all the time, and only pretend to worship it when people ask for their fair share.

  • To be honest, I have used my “phone as ID” thing more at municipality offices - the US equivalent would be a DMV, but we have more services available there. Also for paying taxes, the municipality tax thing works by me logging into the municipality website with the “phone as ID” thing, and they give a QR code that automatically configures a bank transfer in my bank app.

    I have been stopped by police exactly 2 times over 30 years, and both of those were while driving. If I wouldn’t drive so much, I imagine they wouldn’t have done that either. Also, they only asked for my driving licence which is a card, and I have to have it on me to drive, and it also serves as a full personal ID.

    I guess what I’m saying that the point of having an ID here is not so that you can give it to cops, but to access govt services.

  • Nuh-uh, sound has to go over HDMI as well. You may only partake in your own culture through DRM-approved channels.

    This got me thinking, could you still get an abortion in the bad parts of the US if you trademarked your DNA, and claimed that the condom breaking violated DMCA?

    You know, show up at the doctors with a ton of papers headlined


    Or at least get child support out of Durex?

  • Good for them. The point is not that they are doing “bad things”. “Dumping” is not a curse word, it’s an economic strategy, one that’s practised by a whole bunch of companies, and not just Chinese ones. When Auchan is selling watermelons at a rate where they barely make any money over a single sale - but make a ton of money on other stuff you get while shopping for watermelons, it destroys farmer’s markets, for example.

    All I’m saying is that the choice before the EU leadership was either letting Chinese EVs into the market and risk getting into a position where Chinese companies - and by extension the Chinese government - can pull the levers on the EU car market, in exchange for us getting to buy cheaper EVs right now.

    The EU - and you can fill in the blank whether they did it because they wanted to protect EU carmakers’ business, or they wanted to prevent another situation similar to the one with Russian gas - decided that the risk is not worth it. My guess is that some voted as they did because of the former, others because of the latter. That said, you can’t really say that the EU would be “crooked” for either of these things, as fighting for the EU car industry against other countries’ car industries is well within their mandate, as is protecting the EU’s strategic political autonomy.

    It’s just how things are, like with the great firewall. If someone wants to sell software services to China, they have to conform to their standards. You can say it’s good or bad, but that’s just how things work. As a European, I don’t care about this specific issue either way, we should be buying fewer cars, electric or otherwise. People who live in places in the EU where you need cars because there’s no good public transport also tend to be living in places where you can’t afford to buy new anyway, not even at BYD prices.

  • From the original source:

    Board members Jacqueline Rosario and Gene Posca, who voted in the majority, were backed by Moms for Liberty during their campaigns, according to Treasure Coast Newspapers. The third “yes” vote came from Kevin McDonald, who was recently appointed by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

    “We are elected — I was appointed, vote of one — we are here to represent the parent’s decisions, and the school board is the final authority for our citizens,” McDonald said at last month’s meeting, explaining some of his disagreement with the book.

    “The title itself and the theme challenges our authority. And it even goes so far as to not only to mention books that are deemed inappropriate by school boards, including ours, it not only mentions them but it lists them.”

    These people are just caricatures of themselves.

  • I think that there was just no good choice in this matter. I mean, look at how great it turned out for Europe to bond together with Russia over cheap gas. I know that cheap gas and electric cars are not the same thing, by far, but still, if we got dumped by electric cars in China, we’d be wide open for economic attacks like it happened just a few years ago.

    That said, I’d love if we compensated for this by finally shifting subsidies from flights to rail, or by shifting from 100LL to 100UL in general aviation, or cracking down on ships using bunker fuel.

    Or put the screws on BMW and VW to pull their heads out their asses and start being competitive.