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  • We didn’t have Hitler in our history though. You can’t compare roman salute with wolf gesture. It’s like “we should ban knives because some minorities can kill people with it”.

    We can’t beg Europe to like us either. Europeans are uncomfortable with the fact that we just exist. Should we also disappear? Just to make them pleasant?

    As I know, Italia also symbolizes wolfs. What if one day Germany says “wolf is fascist Turkish symbol, you will not use it”, what would you think?

    I’m pretty sure you would say “yes daddy Germany uWu I won’t 🙏🙏”

  • I’m not gonna discuss my nationality symbol. Here I am; a non right wing (even hater) Turkish.

    And there’s also you, a hidden fascist.

    • Is being nationalist banned in Germany? No.
    • Is 🤘 symbol banned in Germany? No. (even tho it is in 🇦🇹)
    • Having a fucking far-right parties banned in Germany? If we look at 🇩🇪, NO!

    Even the fact that BILD announced Merih’s suspension 1 day before our defense approves how “free” is UEFA and how “justice” Germany is.

    I just want to say this truth: even though a right wing party trying to internalize this (they always do because they need a mainstay), %80 of Turkish people use it for pure Turkish symbol. Do whatever you want with this info.