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Computer Science student, passionate about the field; somewhere in Portugal. instance administrator.

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  • I understand.
    You could look into getting a domain either way, it really is pretty simple — you go to a registrar website (I like, choose your domain name and purchase it. To get the email stuff going, it’s just a bit of copy pasting between their guide and the domain’s control panel.

    Like I said, this domain stuff is useful outside of Migadu and similar services, but for a more 0-config option, I think disroot is alright. You also have a and StartMail (from StartPage).

  • If you have your own domain, I recommend Migadu. They take care of all the boring parts of hosting email, while being cheap and very reliable. All you have to do is[1] follow their guude to setup some DNS records and double check everything is right. After that, you have a working email account with unlimited addresses, inboxes and a bunch more nice features.

    [1]: Besides getting a domain name, which you should get anyway, since it gives you more control over your digital identity and makes it much easier to migrate providers in the future.

  • I’ve settled on Manjaro for this computer, and I’m pretty happy with it (I’ve stooped distro-hopping, I just don’t have the energy, nor the time to entertain that on my only laptop), though I’m considering changing to base Arch for my next one (which I hope is still 3 years or so in the future; this machine is only 4 yro still). Why? Because the version wait on Manjaro seems a bit arbitrary sometimes and that lag often doesn’t play nice with the AUR (which I love). Sometimes I think of switching to more esoteric distros, such as the neat Alpine (which I’ve been using on servers for a while) and reproducible NixOS, but then I question the day to day usability and pain points, which are quite relevant to me atm.

    Why do I like Manjaro though? I like the Arch made easier, the mhwd tools, the support forums (which I know people have mixed feelings on, but my experience has been nothing other than very pleasant).

    Feel free to discuss my points!

  • As a slight joke (but only slight), ministers and other positions of power. It’s incredible how poorly qualified some nominated ministers are, over here…

    Democracy should allow anyone to run to be elected, but people nominated by the prime minister for specific ministries, should have some degree of education or experience in the field. Until very recently, there was essentially no assessment of skills. Now there are some forms and whatnot, but I still find it very lacking.

    For example, we had a minister over 10 years ago that got his Bachelor’s nullified by a court ordering following an investigation of some shady deals with the University.