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  • I sympathize with this. However, I guess one of the contributing factors to this decision was an influx of hate speech in the comments. If CR doesn’t want to invest in enough moderators to keep the comments free of that kind of thing, then I would prefer no comments at all and those discussions to move elsewhere that are more actively moderated. MAL, AniList, reddit, and in a much smaller volume, this community are all outlets that have active discussions and active moderation. I am sure there are others as well. TBH, I am not super plugged into the social side of anime other than this community, so there are likely plenty of other social venues.

    tl;dr - a few bad people ruin nice things for everybody

  • I stopped reading a couple months back, but I can relay what I know as the manga is still ongoing…

    Manga Spoilers

    tl;dr - They are not yet together from what I read

    They end up living together for a while due to some construction kicking them out of their apartment building. Chizuru ends up getting confessed to by one of her actor friends but doesn’t end up accepting the confession.

    Beyond where I read, just skimming through some chapters, it looks like Kazuya ended up asking her out on a “real” date (as opposed to a rental) and he is currently in a date planning arc. So, who knows how long it would actually be before the date actually takes place. 80% of each chapter consists of bystanders talking about how good Chizuru looks or Kazuya freaking out in his own head.