I use Komoot for wild walking and biking, and it’s incredible. Hugely more accurate and reliable. Just wondering if there’s something like that for city and intercity travel. Thanks for suggestions!

  • @deur
    65 months ago

    For the last year (at least for me and people I know) Google Maps has been suggesting batshit insane alternate routes and then conninuously suggesting you turn around and take the already longer route.

    I went on a road trip, it was not uncommon to see it suggest an alternate route with +2 or more hours. Then it would suggest you turn around and follow said route for 30 minutes (with the delay increasing as you drive further away from the alternate).

    There’s something weird with gmaps but it still works. I wonder if its some kind of test to see if people will just blindly follow alternates for some goal of theirs.

    • @skuzz@discuss.tchncs.de
      25 months ago

      You may want to try going into Maps settings->Navigation settings and turn off “Prefer fuel-efficient routes” as it tries to pick poor routes to keep speed down to save gas, and it is enabled by default.

      Their navigation was already mediocre at mapping successfully to a destination, now they’re trying to map down secondary roads they have even less knowledge about to pretend to be “green” annnd…stupidity ensues.