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  • Trending communities is scuffed and doesnt actually show trending communities. Usually if theres a new community made within the last 2 days it shows there otherwise it shows the most dead communities as they are getting large subscriber activity relative to their MAU

    Vacant collects a lot of different kinds of communities ranging from unmoderated ones that havent been taken over yet by a new mod team to ones that are admin started to start getting some content on that subject (usually if thats the case ill be posting in it on my other account)

  • Yeah lemmy currently doesn’t send notifications about moderation actions

    Some mod teams add it in through manually dming (which usually will happen here if someone on the admin team is warning, banning, etc. you (apart from site bans which the user wouldn’t be able to access their messages from) and its not just an obvious spammer or bot) or code their own systems to notify about actions

    Everything’s viewable in the modlog though and you can filter by yourself to see all actions made relating to you

  • Even with the disabled instances, communities that get added onto there reach a much larger section of people than external community browsers do as casual users that just check the site once a day or something and don’t pay attention to external sites can still stumble on them without knowing the federate site exists or needing to know explicit community names

    Ideally more instances would get added onto there but its still fine like this. Been getting some nice interactions and starting activity on new communities