Ever had one those moments in life when you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, you are making a very, very bad decision, with a great chance for instant regret and a miserable, probably long lasting, outcome and notheless followed that path?

Yeah, that one. Care to share with us?

I’ll start. I dated a person, after we had already dated for a very short time, during which I was cheated on and eventually was left for a fourth person.

Yeah, not my brightest moment. And yes, I was cheated on again and again was left for another person.

  • @MadBob
    145 months ago

    Mine’s quite tame, reading some of these, but I remember once using a stick blender to make soup, and I saw a bit of food stuck in the blade, and the thumb hovering over the go button twitched slightly, and even though I was alone I pulled a face as if to someone watching, because I knew I was millimetres from losing a finger. Now if I ever want to touch the blade, I unplug the thing first.