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It’s time for the seasonal OP/ED roundup! I want to hear about your favorite OPs and EDs for the season (alternatively, your least favorites!). If you are looking for a collection of them all for this season, you can find almost all of them at the link below:

Just a note that you can absolutely use this thread like you would any other general discussion thread. So, feel free to post questions/comments/recommendations like any other week.

As always, remember to be mindful of spoilers. If you want to know more about how to handle spoilers in this community, check the guide here (also linked in the sidebar).

  • ReluctantZen
    2 months ago

    I had seen people making a big deal about how they got OneRepublic to do the ED,

    Yeah same, probably because it’s apparently a big western pop artist and we’re obviously not used to western artists making OPs or EDs. I can’t really imagine that it’d be hard to get them to do a song though. The label’s probably part of the production committee, so it’s just a matter of asking and offering enough money.

    At least the OP makes a much stronger impression on me, though I could see how it is polarizing with its extremely stylized CG visuals.

    Yeah, I like the OP better too. I don’t mind the visuals at all and the song’s okay.